Terms & Conditions

Our Worry-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason with the custom product that we build for you, we will fix or replace your door with one you love free of charge.

Our #1 priority is your happiness. We custom build functional art with the goal of bringing soul into your living space. All manufacturing issues covered by our warranty will receive the highest priority.  However, sometimes, even when the product exceeds the manufacturing standard we set, you just aren’t happy with the product and it doesn’t meet your expectation. If, for any reason this is the case, we welcome the opportunity to understand what about the product you are unhappy with and we will work diligently to fulfill the Worry-Free Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our Guide for Your Custom Order

Many Winters is a premier custom door builder and custom barn door hardware manufacturer. Our products are custom made from raw materials specifically for your order. We dedicate specific materials and labor to your order. You pay for that commitment when you order. Because of our unique business model, we have outlined our specific cancellation and return policies below. We’ve also shared other important details about the order and shipping process. We want to ensure that your experience and product is everything you are expecting.

Online Orders

It is the consumer’s responsibility to understand what they are ordering when using the online system and to verify from the order confirmation that we have selected everything correctly when ordering over the phone. Many Winters has provided many online photo resources and descriptions to help you during your order. Please read these descriptions carefully. If you are unsure about what your order will look like or what is included, please call Many Winters at 509-393-3947 for help placing your order.

Phone Orders

It is our goal to understand what the customer’s needs and expectations are as we talk over the phone.  We will do our best to guide the customer’s decision-making process to what will work best for the customer based on our understanding of the information given.  However, at times there may be a lack of information or understanding that can create frustrations later when the customer’s expectation is not met. Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility, and not the manufacturer, to confirm that all sizes and measurements are accurate and that what is ordered is what is needed. Please review every detail of the order placed in the order confirmation.  We will build your product to the order that is placed and it is the customer’s responsibility to review the confirmation of an order placed over the phone to verify it is correct.

Upon Delivery

Please inspect the product upon receipt.  Please notify us of any damaged or missing items within 2 days of receiving the product.  It is necessary to know immediately of any shipping damage for the shipping claims. 

Production times and expectations

Remember that since almost everything we make is from raw materials and we set a high-quality standard these production times are estimated and are not a guarantee.

Warranty Information

Please note that wood doors are susceptible to expanding and contracting due to temperature and moisture (rain and humidity) based on location, exposure to the elements and environment. The natural state of steel is vulnerable to oxidation with exposure to the moisture (rain and humidity). We provide a quality-built product and we offer finishes with a warranty to protect the wood and metal. You, the customer, are responsible to understand the warranty, make sure that your application, location and environment are conducive to wood and/or steel products.

All interior doors and hardware are intended for interior use only and are not warrantied against exterior use. If you’re purchasing a door intended for exterior use please make sure that you order a door that’s defined in the ordering process as “exterior”.

Interior products come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers the functionality of our products.

This warranty does not cover installation or normal wear. We will replace any part that fails to function properly with the return of the failed product. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customers.

Unfinished and primer white doors, kit doors & headers do not have a warranty against warping, separating or splitting. These doors are shipped at your request literally “not finished” or completed.  We can not be responsible for how an unfinished (not completed) door responds to the environmental conditions to which it is exposed.  Additionally, since we did not finish the door, we cannot be responsible for the way it is protected.

Recommendations for unfinished doors

Please finish/seal your unfinished doors immediately.  Changes in climate, temperature and humidity can cause doors that are not finished to warp, separate or split.

It is strongly advised that customers finish/seal all 6 sides of an unfinished door within 5 days of receiving the door to reduce the likelihood of an issue.

Incorrect finishing of a door can also cause warping, separating or splitting, which is why we highly encourage our customers to allow us to finish and ship their door finished.

Damaged Orders and Missing Items

It is necessary to open and inspect shipments upon arrival.

Any damage from shipping, including concealed damage, must be reported to Many Winters with pictures via a call to 509-393-3947 or email to [email protected] within 2 business days of receiving your product in order for a shipping claim to be processed.

Please notify us of missing items within the first 2 business days of receiving your product. When a product sits for a long time before being installed it is difficult to know if a particular item was not shipped or went missing afterwards. We want to be helpful to get you all the parts you need, but cannot be responsible for items gone missing after delivery.  Requests for missing items more than 30 days after the product has been delivered will not be accepted.

Please inspect your product carefully before installation. Many Winters is not responsible for any costs associated with installation or de-installation including but not limited to contractor or installer time, travel or transportation of the product for any reason including manufacturing issues.