How to Measure

How to Measure


You can make your door as tall or wide as you want. With that in mind, for regular barn door hardware, we recommend that you add at least two inches of overlap on each side, and two inches on the height. If your actual opening is 36” wide by 82” tall, your measurements would be 40” x 84”.


We recommend your barn door hardware should be at least double the width of your door frame.  So, if your opening is 34” wide, your hardware should be at least 68” wide rounded up to the nearest foot.


Clearance is the distance between the top of your door opening to the ceiling. If you have over 8” of clearance most of the regular sliding barn door hardware will fit your opening. If you have less, you will need to pay attention to the clearance specifications when acquiring hardware. 

Understanding Your Type Of Door


The most common barn door is the Single or Flat Track. This door is able to slide along its track left or right. The Single is great for large and small openings as long as you have enough room to open the door to one side.


For larger openings with some space on both sides, the Biparting door is ideal. It’s a great solution if you don’t have enough room on each side to open one big door all the way; two smaller doors that part in the middle might be a better fit for your space.


If you’re pressed for space, the Bypass option may be your answer. The Bypass doors overlap and slide over one another so that half of the opening is accessible at any time.  

Are You A Contractor?

We value our relationships with local contractors, and we offer special pricing and options to you. When you need a door for your next home build, keep us in mind.